I’m writing with my eyes full of tears now:

Mubarak now is giving the people a heart-breaking choice:
Terror and chaos or
he stays for months in power! (Probably till he crushes the revolution completely)

He is sending now 100’s of criminals with knives and rods terrorizing Tahrir square peacefull demonstrators

Mubarak is continuing right now his same routine of crushing people’s will

Same criminal way

Same attitude

Same dictator

Millions went out on the streets across Egypt for regime to step down

While Mubarak regime still clinging to power!

All his attempts failed last week:

Mubarak hijacked Egypt for days! And now that he has a plan to kill the revolt he plays a country suicidal game:

In an attempt to kill the revolution past weeks:
He used Million tear gas bombs
Then khartoosh bullets (don’t know the exact correct name. Its bullets that has 100’s of balls inside that scatters and may kill or cause blindness if hits the eye)
Then :
He Killed 100’s with live bullets

But people got more angry

And protested by the Millions (8 million yesterday throughout Egypt)

He talked about freedom and blamed the old government! While He ordered internet off! and for two days cell phones off! And international TV coverage out of Tahrir was terrorized of coverage!!

While state TV kept broadcasting lies!!
About few small theifs being backed by islamists!!

This is a revolution by the people. Not islamists or political parties.

Mubarak then tried another tactic: He terrorized us by releasing prisoners and giving them weapons! So chaoes happens and we be frightened leaving homes!

Yet it all didn’t work
Just made people more angry

And an amazing people assemblies protected neighbourhoods 🙂

Mubarak is gambling with the country’s security! Its disgusting. I’m in Tahrir sq. With Millions Everyday. I’m fine.

have a fever now

Now people wants this regime needs to go to court not only steps down

Please tell the world

We need you to tell the world that this is a bloody corrupt regime and everyone MUST kepp the support for the people of Egypt till we are FREE of this nightmare of a dictator !

Please pray for us. And support us