Reviewing the situation: few of my initial thoughts about our Great Revolution 🙂

“This Revolution started with a ripe collective conciseness that we (all Egyptians) have had enough of Mubarak’s regime, Enough Corruption, Enough Police state Brutality, Enough poverty & unfair distribution of wealth, Enough Lies and segregating rumors by state Media, We all knew Egypt deserves way better, and those who stayed hopeful and optimistic.. kept the possibility of change alive… kept the hope in the hearts of Egyptians growing even in the midst of the darkest days… till the moment of truth came”

“This Revolution started by those who called for Change, Freedom and Social justice… the 3 keywords that triggered a dormant Egyptian Gene! that moved Millions instantly all over Egypt to join in one of the most incredible modern times revolutions… it’s an outstanding historical experience that we are all in awe of “

“I don’t think I will ever be proud of anything more in my life than this;  being one of the millions of my fellow Egyptians rising up and standing up PEACFULLY chanting “SELMEYA SELMEYA” in the face of propaganda campaigns accusing us of treason and more, in the face of tear gas bombs, rubber bullets, live bullets, kidnapping, repression, torture, detention, and murder; yet All of us determined to change Egypt once and for all to what it really deserves, to where it really belongs, to join the human civilization once again, to be PRESENT, to be HEARED, to be FREE”

few interviews I made:

for IDENTITY: Marwa Rakha

a) Why did you participate?


Like every one of the Millions of Egyptians who did. For the hope of a better Egypt, for Change, For Freedom. For Social justice. for setting up a true democratic civil and modern state.

To end the corruptiom bleeding Egypt’s wealth to few,


To end Police brutality and repression,

To end state Media & Press Manipulation and LIES and Fear mongering messages

And above all. To end The cycle of FEAR And believe in the Egyptian people power and will.

b) What are the most painful moments in those 18 days (according to you)


The KILLING orders from top down : from Mubarak through Tantawy till the officers in TAHRIR . (Now we have witnesses to this) what a shame! what a shame!

I still break into hysterical crying episodes just remembering the dead fellow Egyptians, dying simply for peacefully asking for change. Freedom. And social justice.

c) What are the happiest moments

Every moment I spent in Tahrir was the best moments I lived in my life
Feeling the great unity of the Egyptians (men and women and kids and youth and copts and muslims and educated and non and poor and well off. Alll)

I felt I regained my country back from a regime that hijacked it for decades

d) What did you learn during those 18 days?

That all forces of stability stems from the Egyptian people. And all forces of chaos and instability came from the Mubarak’s regime

We managed to keep our country safe while the regime plan to manage the crisis was to create chaos and spread terror, and through its owned Media and (controlled) private TV networks and state press and (under cover owned) private press:  SPREADING its own manipulative Messages full of Lies so we all grow FEAR again. But the people knew better. I LOVE How smart Egyptians are, and PROUD OF EGYPTIANS so much for their guts to break those barriers of Fear.. once and for all.

Love will prevail…

God Bless our Free Egypt



Insight Magazine: Sameh Ibrahim:

How do you think it all happened?
See Blog above 🙂Were you at first pessimistic or optimistic about change?I’m optimistic for change since 2 years ago already if u folllow my notes on facebook, blogs and articles and press and TV interviews 🙂
But never dreamt of such GREAT REVOLUTION to push for the change we all dreamt of with such momentum and GreatnessWhat do you think Egypt has gained and lost over the last few weeks? 

We lost forever the FEAR of the unknown. We can not be manipulated by FEAR or REPRESSION anymore

We gained our Great Egyptian soul back. the same we had in 1973.

What do you think of the revolution having no leader?

Its the beauty of the revolution
The leader is there : its each and everyone of us 🙂 that’s the beauty of it all. Historic. Original. Dramatic. and it WORKS 😉

You appeared on TV with Mohamed El Baradei. What can you say about him? And what would you tell his opposition?

By the way I’m in Tahrir since the begining : 25 Jan… and its only a coincidence I appeared with Dr Baradie more than others, Remember we were under heavy Media blackout.

I support all the icons for change as well: 4 April, Kefaya, Amr Mousa, Ayman Nour, Gamila Ismail, Hamdeen Sabahy, etc.. ALL. even Obama I consider after his Cairo speech was to me an icon for change…

but I Thank Specially Dr Baradie for his guts to stir the youth for change earlier and with such persistence facing all the rhetoric and discrediting campaigns from the falling regime..

Also Khaled Said supporters and groups I SUPPORT.. and I consider an icon for change but more than that.. I feel Khaled Said is my brother.. he could have been me.. its personal when it comes to Khaled Said brutal murder.. I believe its the main moving force behind the initial youth uprising .. and that is not an exaggeration… WE ALL BECAME KHALED SAID

Its a shame that the old regime used its media to spread rumours and lies about honorable and noble characters like Dr BAradie who emerged as icons for change.
The main reason this revolution started was the sense of injustice. And that’s what Dr Bradei must be feeling now after the state media used all kinds of lies and stupid accusations agaianst him to discredit him!

Those who believes the state media lies about Dr Baradei : (that he was the reason behind Iraq invasion by USA for example) are misslead and the world laughs at such accusations!

I think its time that the media starts to appologise now for all such lies and set the record staright. That is weather he decides or not to run for presidency.

What in your opinion would be a best-case scenario for Egypt that you wish for and what would be the worst scenario, which you dread?

The best scenario started already
All of us UNITED for exact targets: freedom. Social justice. End of corruption. A civil modern real democratic state. Not military. Not religious. Not 1 party oriented
The best is the return of the Great Egyptian soul and will to own our own decision making from now on

THE WORST is OVER, (according to many Youtube testimonials and THE INDEPENDENT) on the 29th Jan : the day orders came to the Army to Crush the Tahrir protestors using artlery in a Tianaman square Bloodbath fashion… a nightmare scenario that the army officers defied … and The Top Army officers took the decision to isolate Mubarak.

What do you think was the role of artists and celebrities in the latest protests?
The best thing is that we are with the revolution as regular citizens. I will never be proud more than simply being 1 of the millions facing media lies and facing tear gas bombs and facing rubber bullets and real bullets and brutal treatment and detention and kidnapping and KILLING

We are all ONE now
Its an amazing feeling to face all that
With a chant: Selmeya. Selmeya. Selmeya.

I’m honored to be a part of this
So my role is as any of the millions.
also As an artist. I’m doccumenting all I can now. And once I digest it all. I’m sure something will come out. Without pressuring it 🙂

What do you think is the role of art in general in causing change?

Big ROLE. Simply by staying honest and true to the newfound spirit of Egypt.

Can you relate what happened in Egypt and your movie Microphone or any of your works?

Yes is a big way…. Microphone is an honest portrayal of youth situation just before the revolution
All the reasons for the youth first uprising of the early 25jan protests are there

How did you think about going to the St. Marc church in Cleopatra after the terrorist attacks in Alex?

I felt the same as all egyptians. Supporting our own historic genetic ideals. We were egyptians before any religion and prophets came. I trust the DNA of our true culture if its left to its own devices.

As a representative of Egypt in many countries, do you think that the protests were harming the image of Egypt as the government claimed? If not, what do you think does harm the image of Egypt the most, and how can we fix it?

It is stupid to think that way!!! The image of Egyptians is way more respected today all over the world!!
Stop thinking that way
Think about what is best for egyptians not the image abroad!!! That is an old school. Old regime down. And old schools of ideas too must go down.

What do you think should come first in Egypt now: Political Reform, Education, Economics, Poverty, Tourism, Other?

ALL of the above. But iin the following priority:
Police and Media Reform and punishing corruption and murderes of youth publicly asap

Political Reform to ensure social justice

Economic reform To target Poverty asap

Keeping the spirit of responsible public pressure and NO FEAR and UNITY spirit we all regained. Keep it all along to correct any deviations all the way till we reach full set of demands. And end of the corrupt and injust and brutal regime of mubarak.

What do you think the future of Egypt would look like?


What’s your favorite color? What color do you see the revolution?

Hehehe easy
3 colors. Flag colors RED WHITE BLACK

If you have a time machine, what will you change if you go back before 25th Jan?

Nothing! What happened is the greatest ever people revolution in history.

How did you celebrate the success of the revolution?

not yet 😉

What’s your next career step?

not yet



الثوره الضاحكه – إضحك … الثوره تطلع حلوه

حس الفكاهة في الثورة المصرية – BBC

جمال عبد القادر
الجريدة الكويتية  كويتية التمويل وتكتب وتصدر في مصر وتوزع في مصر ولبنان والكويت ومكتب القاهرة موجود في جامعة الدول العربية امام العمدة

ما هو شعورك بعد ما حدث في 25 يناير؟

اعتقد لن افتخر بشيء أكتر في حياتي
من كوني واحد من ملايين الشعب ده اللي كنت دائما متفاءل بقدرته. و مع ذلك فأجانا كلنا بعظمته في التلاحم و ان نكون كلنا واحد لمصر. مصر تستأهل أفضل بكتير من اللي هي فيه
حريه. عداله اجتماعيه. لمصر مدنيه لا حزبيه و لا دينيه و لا عسكريه
ثورتنا ثوره شعبيه.
مازلت ابكي من الفرحه بهذا الشعب

أنا فخور. و سعيد. و ان كان في قلبي حزن و ألم علي شهداء الشباب. مش بس من الثوره. من قبل كده كمان. زي خالد سعيد و غيره






2- نزولك مع الشباب كان عن اقتناع قديم بالتغيير ولا تعاطف معهم ولمطالبهم

مصر كلها تعرف اني من أول من طالبوا بالتغيير

3- كيف ترى مستقبل مصر في الفترة القادمه
دوله مدنيه عصريه تضمن الحريه و العداله الاجتماعيه. و فصل السلطات. لا حزبيه و لا دينيه و لا عسكريه
هذا ما كان يهتف به شهداءنا قبل قتلهم
لابد من القصاص فورا من القتله و المسءولين عن ذلك
تفكيك كامل ممنهج و مجدول لكل بواقي النظام
أولا الداخليه و الإعلام و الحزب الوطني

4- من هو الافضل لقيادة مصر في الفترة القادمة5

ذهب عصر الرءيس الأوحد إلي الأبد. السلطات لابد ان تنفصل من يد رءيس إلي السلطات الأخري.

– هل تعتقد ان البرادعي اقدر على قيادة مصر وما تعليقك عن اتهامه بالعمالة لامريكا وانه لدية اجندة امريكية
عيب هذا الكذب و الافتراء

كفايه ظلم و افترا علي الناس

الظلم هو السبب الرءيسي للثوره.
و ما قيل و اتهم به البرادعي و كل من وقف مع التغيير. شيء مخزي
تضليل الشعب باكاذيب لاغتيال الشخصيات المرشحه للقياده معنويا. لابد ان ينتهي و يتم الاعتذار. الآن. من جهاز الإعلام القديم
تماما كما يجب ان يحدث من الداخليه و الأمن و الحزب الوطني. كبدايه لتفكيكهم
7- رأيك في ما حدث مع تامر حسني واحمد السقا في ميدان التحرير وما تم اعلانه من بعض اسماء هم اعداء الثورةالنظام الذي يسقط الان يحكم بالتضليل بالإعلام و الإرهاب بالداخليه و النهب بالحزب
شيء طبيعي ان يضلل البعض و يخاف البعض الآخر و يفسد البعض
حتي من النجوم
طبعا كنت أفضل ان النجوم يكونوا علي مستوي وعي الشعب الذي قدم أعظم ثوره علي الأرض
و مع ذلك أنا ضد القواءم السوداء. كلنا بشر و الاعتذار من هوءلاء النجوم الذين تطاولوا علي شرف الثوار و الشعب النبيل. 









هل تعتقد ان الفنان يمكن ان يكون له وجهة نظر سياسية حتى لو تعارضت مع النظام رغم انها قد تعرضه للضرر او تمنعه من العمل في ظل نظم غير ديمقراطيةوالامثلة كثيرة بداية من محسنة توفيق في الماضي حتى عبد العزيز مخيون

الحريه هي ان تكون عندك هذه القدره.9- ماذا تقول لكل الفنانين الذين هاجموا الثورة واتهموها واتهموا الشباب بأنهم عملاء ومأجورين  فاكر الكنتاكي والخمسين يور

أقول لهم. اعتذروا. الآن و فورا. حتي تنضموا لمصر. الجديده. يللا بسرعه. ما تضيعوس وقت.
أوءكد لكم الناس هتقبل و تغفر.