To all those who want to be part of the new Awakening of Egyptians and the Arab world ….

Seems Soon we will all rejoice in a real new world order!
set by the people not governoments. Or regimes (west or east)

Where Justice and freedom and human rights prevail

I’m in between crying and smiling at the current uprising all over arab world all the time… I’m so heart broken and have a deep strong determination to end all the repression and corruption and social injustice in our Arab world.

We all want the same demands: end current regimes, establish civil modern human rights, end corruption cycle, social justice, freedom, non extremist religious new constitutions that cares for all nationals as one : no difference between a moslem sunni or shiaat or a copt or christian. Which is the real essence of our accepting cultures…

Its time for Truth, time for reality touch.


God Bless

Khaled Abol Naga

And a reply from: Dr.Alaa Zidan

Dear Khaled

All what I want to say is Well done , I always respect those who stand for what they believe ,justice , dignity and freedom , the revolution restored my humanity and sense of belonging to my dear country Egypt and all my respects to you as a person and as an actor , I am so happy when I am 53 year old to witness such a brilliant event which is the 25th of January revolution which was converted to a torrent along all Arab countries , thank you for making the impossible possible thank you to all the young generation who unfolded a white page in the modern Egyptian history
May god bless EGYPT


Dr.Alaa Zidan
Certified EC senior instructor AHA&NSC
Professional premium member ofAHA&ASA
Senior lecturer medical college AGU Bahrain
Team leader Sitra health center MOH,Bahrain
Certified specialist in Energy healing&Medicine