I got this via email From MORSY MORSY in Paris:

Bilateral political party debate

Egypt is facing a difficult path to maintain the gains of the revolution.

The next coming months will be crucial for us and for our future. In this light I decided to see how we could benefit from the experience of French political parties since I live in France.

The idea is a conference that could take place in Cairo, the conference should include all political movements that took part in the revolution and that aspire to participate in our future government.

The French political party that will host this conference will be the UMP (ruling party in France) this will be a bilateral conference since they are also very interested in the mechanisms used by the Egyptian revolution to communicated and organize the revolution. The UPM is in the midst of a presidential election period so they can discuss their strategies and implementations.

Should there be a consensus among the Egyptian parties that this is a productive idea, its important we keep in mind, this is not an implication of their politics or policies BUT a course in logistics, financial aspects of political parties, recruitment, PR and basic administrative mechanisms to start or to run an existing political party.

A next step could be to do the same thing with another political party from another country. This idea was in NO way devised as a way for foreign countries to interfere with our internal politics but as a crash course in management in order for us to be ready for legislative then presidential elections.

  A meeting with the UMP has taken place this morning, they are willing to push through on this proposition but the most important aspect is that the Egyptian political parties show interested and approval to this idea.

Again let me emphasize the fact that this initiative is my idea and I not part of any political party in Egypt or elsewhere. I am a proud and patriotic Egyptian who has been living in France for the last 10 years and who actively took part in the demonstrations in Paris in support of the Egyptian Revolution.

Kind Regards

Morsy Morsy