Maha Brence.

Dear revolution companions, professors, administrators colleagues, and friends,
I invite you to listen to my program today at 1.30 am after midnight about 25 Jan revolution. It will be broadcasted at Youth and Sports Radio اذاعة الشباب و الرياضة It is titled  مبدان التحرير 25 . It is a 30-minute interview with actor Khaled abu el Naga about his testimony about the revolution, his participation, and the next steps to be taken after Mubarak stepped down.  The interview was recorded on 11 February, at Tahrir square ,immediately after the declaration of Mubarak’s stepping down.  In the program, you will also listen to the most chanted slogans throughout the days of the revolution until 11 February.  You can listen to Youth and sports radio at 108 megahertz FM, or through the radio’s satellite channel on the Nile Sat.
All the best.
Maha Brence.
Radio Announcer.
Youth and Sports Radio.