The United Nations has emphatically joined the international community in its call to stop the violence against the citizens of Libya.  

Today in speaking with the Security Council, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for urgent and concrete measures to be taken and specifically said “In these circumstances, the loss of time means more loss of lives….”

In response, the Security Council has called for an emergency session to be held tomorrow.

Many have asked why UN Peacekeeping cannot immediately go into Libya to restore the peace.  

It is an important question with a complicated answer.!!!!! :

Here is what we got:

There are a number of steps that must be completed before UN Peacekeeping can move into an area of conflict and unless the Security Council makes that decision, UN Peacekeeping cannot deploy.

In order to provide a more in depth look at what the Security Council is doing and the steps necessary for UN Peacekeeping to deploy,

below are several links that you may wish to review.

 Rest assured that this is and will continue to be a high priority for the United Nations.Best regards,UN Peacekeeping

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