HORRIFIC TESTIMONY of free’d girl detained by SCAF’s C28 off Abbaseya

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjBjzf06fyE 
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the Text of the Testimony below:



We had a really bad experience

What happens inside is uglier than you can imagine
It’s beyond imagination

They told us that we suffered nothing
comparing to what happened to boys

All we want now is the release of boys

Free revolutionists and we will continue

Yes, we chant against SCAF

We will remain revolutionists
until we reach freedom

People demand execution of the field marshal


Yes we are thugs against brutal regime 

This time is serious…
we will not leave it to anybody

We stayed in Abbasiya sit-in for a week…

Tantawi sent his thugs to attack us
and also some of his armed forces

They slain our sons with knives
beside Nour mosque and under the bridge

We have more than 1500 injured

Plus many others detained on Friday

We went out to tell Tantawi
that we will keep demanding for martyrs’rights

And we demand freedom for those he captured on Friday

He even took girls, women and young boys

We are asking for their freedom

We are standing here demanding their freedom

He is one of yesterday’s detainees 
inside the Nour Mosque


-‘Free our detained like you freed the Americans’
– We are worried about the boys

We were 15 girls in a room. Only 8revolutionists
and the other 7 were Military Investigators

Hold on, country… freedom is being born

People demand execution of the field marshal

People demand execution of the field marshal

They captured us from Demerdash
and took us to the Ministry of Defense

They said that…
any next president will be the SCAF chief

They kept cursing us and spitting on us

Then they took us in a military vehicle
then to another central security vehicle

They transferred us to G28
and told us that we’ll be freed

And put the chuckles saying
that we are going home

Surprisingly, we found the vehicle 
heading to the desert

Then they transferred us to Kanater prison
and dressed us in the prison uniform

No need to mention what happened there
but what happened to the boys is uglier…

We saw them…

The boys must be freed because…

Look! That’s the worst case
as we were detained beside the ministry of defense

They told us there that we should be thankful
because we weren’t depicted as thugs

Because if we were depicted,
we would never be released…

Boys will not be released…

And when we were transmitted
to the persecution prison in Abbasiya…

Until 3:00AM after we came from Kanater prison,
We kept hearing boys suffering Torture upstairs

“Any next president will be the SCAF head”

“Freedom for all Abbasiya prisoners”

Down to SCAF

Subtitled by: Eslam Omar @eomar83