Khaled Abol Naga in Microphone 2010

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BIO by:  Ihab Shawky 

KAL A.NAGA (aka Khaled Abol NAGA) as an actor collected numerous Best Actor awards from Egypt, Arab & International Film Festivals since 2001, He starred Arabic speaking feature films in Egypt and the Arab world since his first leading role in “A Citizen, An Informant & A Thief” 2001 by Egyptian acclaimed director Daoud Abdel Sayed.
Famous for his diverse un-expected yet smart choices of scripts & roles, Mr. Naga created a vast & diverse filmography with unprecedented respect from acclaimed critics & audiences throughout the Arab & international film societies creating a unique phenomena in his generation of young Egyptian actors, almost all of his films have an “exportable” nature to other cultures creating a special attention to his subtle yet deep performances.

Among his fellow generation of actors, Mr. Naga has a record of having his films picked up by international film festivals, In 2009-2011 he was the common factor in the three award-winning feature films out of Egypt.

In 2014-2015 He collected ALL Best Actor awards available offered in Egypt (Cairo International Film Festival, Critics Film Festival, Catholic Center Film Festival, etc..) for his outstanding portrayal of a grumpy terminally ill older man in “Villa 69” 2014 by Ayten Ameen and The Palestinian film “Eyes of a thief” 2014 by Najwa Najjar.

Mr. Naga as a producer since 2009, created with others a new wave of possibilities in the Egyptian film industry, from co-producing “Heliopolis” 2009 which went on to feature in over a dozen festivals in 2009, to the revolutionary production using a new generation of photography cameras shooting “Microphone” 2010, “Villa 69” 2014; He is leading a “Team in Cairo” that might just be the seed of a new movement of film making altogether coming out of the region.

Mr. Naga as a social and human rights activist has been one of the early outspoken icons from Egypt promoting social justice, freedom and democratic change to the Arab world in general and Egypt under Mubarak’s regime in specific, Mr. Naga played a pivotal role in explaining to the world media and supporting the Egyptian Revolution Jan 25’th till now.

Mr. Naga has a very admirable record of social & human rights (especially child rights) work and ongoing agenda, He is also appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007 in Egypt.


– Producer: co-Produced since 2009 :

(HELIOPOLIS 2009), (MICROPHONE 2010), (BuSSy Monologues filmed version 2012),

(VILLA 69 2014)

– Actor: Lead Actor in Egypt and Arab world Cinema since 2001

– Won a multitude of Best Actor Awards in Egypt & Int’l Film Festivals

– Lead Actor in US/Canadian film (CIVIC DUTY 2007)

Director for Musical Arabic contemporary Adaptation of the Lionel Bart musical Oliver!, short films, and currently working on a documentary (Tahrir el Tahrir) &  (BuSSy monologues – Filmed version 2011-2015)

– Jury Head and/or member in several local & International Film Festivals

– Hosted TV talk shows in Egypt & pan Arab Satellite networks 1998-1999

– Social & Human rights (especially Children’s) advocate

– UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007

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