Eyes of a thief  (2014) [Palestine] : (Drama – Action) by Najwa Najjar

(Actor / Co-producer)
Villa 69 (2014) [Egypt] : (Drama) by Ayten Ameen

(Director / Co-Producer)
The BuSSy Monologues (2012) [Egypt] : (Filmed Monologues)
Real stories about young women and men from Egypt  told as is by student actors who kept this Bussy project alive since 2005, a very bold and valid youth movement and statement. (shot at the end of 2010, continued in 2012)

(Actor / Co-producer)
Microphone (2010) [Egypt] : (Drama) by Ahmad Abdalla
When Khaled returns to Alexandria, Self absorbed, he roams the city and stumbles over the underground art scene, Mesmerized by the discovery his life gradually changes. Microphone’ is a vibrant image of this colorful music and art movement. It is a real narrative of this new generation of artists from Alexandria and the intricate details of their lives.  (Toronto Film Festival 2010, Vancouver FF 2010, Dubai Film Festival2010, London BFI 2010,  Festivals prospects evolving)

(Actor / Co-producer)
Heliopolis (2009) [Egypt] : (Independent / Drama) by Ahmad Abdalla
One day, One Suburb, Three Religions in Five stories set in Heliopolis, Cairo, all in a stagnant state hoping for a better tomorrow with a reflection on the past through a Masters’ student Ibrahim  documenting Heliopolis Architecture & history.  (Special mention CIFF 2009, Palm Springs IFF 2009, Toronto Film Festival 2009, Vancouver FF 2009, MEIFF Abu-Dhabi 2009, Thessaloniki FF 2009, Marrakech IFF 2009, Stockholm FF 2009, and many more)

One-Zero (2009) [Egypt] : (Drama) by Kamla Abu Zakry  [IMDB]
Sherif is a TV host as well 8 characters on the verge of breakdown within the context of Egypt’s football final match winning the African cup.
+40 awards from several International and local Festivals: (Venice Film Festival 2009 Official selection Horizon Competition + Winner: Brussels Film Festival 2009 Best Scenario & Jury special prize)

Habibi Naeman (Sleeping Habibi) (2008) [Egypt] : (Romantic / Comedy) by Ahmed El Badry
Ramez has a very ideal standard of his dream girl, until a magical potion finds its way to Ramez making him see the Fat but kind girl Nesma as the way her inner beauty is, He falls in love with her & sees her as his ideal dream girl, will it last after the magic fades away?

Agamista (2007) [Egypt] : (Action / Drama) by Tarek Abdel Moaty
Hero helps his new found friend fights peer pressure & drugs, writes his first script on the same journey as well.

A Flat in Heliopolis (2007) [Egypt] aka: Fi Shaket Masr El Gedida by Mohamed Khan [IMDB]
A Romantic story in 48 hrs in Cairo between two opposites

Civic Duty (2007) [US/Canadian Int’l production] by Jeff Renfroe [IMDB]
American Neighbor suspects Moslem student a terrorist in a thriller style

Kashf Hesab (2007) [Egypt] [IMDB] :
A suspense story about a suspects in a rape case

None but that! (2007) [Egypt] aka: Mafeesh Gher Keda! :  (Musical)  [IMDB] :
Musical Movie about youth / family ambition for stardom in the pop & music video world

Leabet El Hob (2006) [Egypt] aka: A Game of Love  [IMDB] :
(Won Best Actor Award – Alexandria Int’l film festival 2006):
A Romantic Comedy about two modern youth yet bearing social luggage

Harb Atalia (2005) [Egypt] (Thriller-Action)  [IMDB] :
A Game thriller movie set in Rome where every game member looks for an antique Egyptian Necklace to be found lost between all the cheats!

Downtown Girls(2005) [Egypt] aka: Banat Wust El Balad  [IMDB] :

Malek We Ketaba (2005) [Egypt] (Won several Best Film Awards)  [IMDB] :

Hob El Banat (2004) [Egypt] (Won Special Mention – Cairo Film Festival)  [IMDB] :

Sahar El Layaly (2003) [Egypt] (Won several Best Actor Awards)  [IMDB] :
A Classic Egyptian film by first time director Hani Khalifa, A strong controversial adult drama about troubles facing young married and non-married couples.

Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy (2001) [Egypt] (Won several Best Film Awards)  [IMDB] :
aka: A citizen, a detective & a thief
A Classic Egyptian film by the renowned Director Daoud Abdel Sayed, A tale of a Citizen, A Detective & A Thief  in a never ending ebb & tide throughout the years, till we can not tell who is who anymore.