April 10 2019 .. ترامب و علم مصر و تحية … و انا و انت

I wrote a new article, another Oped, I write (or co-write) few a year, usually my Op Eds are about important current affairs for CNN, NYT etc (Khaled Abol Naga’s Op Eds), this time it was for Alaraby.co.uk, but for some odd reason, this round, they never got back to me about publishing it!, and I kept getting strange erratic feedback from crew I dealt with for my last article, so I decided to dig more, investigating why some opinions renders some platforms unresponsive?

In the process, I learned and formed much more interesting opinions… about THAT “POLITICAL THEATER”

My article is about THE DC POLITICAL THEATER!.. بالفعل مسرح اكثر منه سياسة